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We are a group of people with a common interest in a largely unknown group of mammals: bats. We are interested in conducting studies to expand our knowledge of bats and to contribute towards their conservation and protection. In parallel, we develop awareness campaigns to inform about the main threats faced by bats and their fundamental role in the environment.



Carries out specific studies on the distribution, censuses and ecology of bats in Spain.


Carries out monitoring and progress of threatened populations and proposes measures for their appropriate conservation.


Watches over the conservation of these mammals, advising the relevant authorities as well as the general public.


Scientific Journal

Publishes the annual Journal of Bat Research & Conservation in order to showcase bat studies.



Education and Awareness

Carries out numerous activities to raise awareness and inform the general public about the problems affecting bats and their beneficial roles they play in ecosystems.



Participates and organises conferences, symposiums and meetings relating to its objectives, both nationally and internationally.


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