SECEMU is making available to all its members, the Nocturnal Neighbours exhibition with the aim of creating a new educational resource to create awareness about the many benefits bats bring and to dispel the many myths surrounding them.

The Nocturnal Neighbours exhibition was designed as a visual representation of the bats of the Iberian Peninsula, emphasising their habitats, ecosystem services, threats and conservation measures. The intention is to also thank the work carried out by conservation organisations as well as SECEMU members in favour of the conservation of these threatened mammals. Via the exhibition’s banners, we discuss bats’ main characteristics (habitat, annual cycle, diet, families, echolocation, etc.) without neglecting the conservation problem that exists and the current lines of research, ending with International Bat Night and a description of SECEMU.

Nocturnal Neighbours consists of 6 X-banner format panels (160x60cm). The whole exhibition is very light making it easy to transport and adaptable to many spaces. The exhibition is designed mainly for indoor use, although it could be exhibited outdoors weather permitting. Given its versatility, it can be exhibited at interpretation centres, nature classrooms, libraries, public buildings,
schools, universities, and related spaces, without forgetting that it can be a great resource to
support International Bat Night events organised every summer as well as other bat talks.

We currently have 8 copies of the exhibition held by members of SECEMU and partner organisations across the Iberian Peninsula. We want Nocturnal Neighbours to travel across the land to as many municipalities and educational centres as possible. Can you help us? If you are interested in helping to promote the exhibition or exhibiting it yourself, please contact our Education and Awareness Commission (, and we will put you in touch with the person with the nearest exhibition to your location to arrange loaning.

“Please note that the Nocturnal Neighbours exhibition is currently only available in Spanish.”


David Campos Such

Education and Awareness Commission